POO FARTED ON: January 28, 2016

I fell in love with “Far Far Away” the very first time I set my eyes on it. The mid day sun and words on the salt flats come together perfectly and it helps me daydream. My life is always hectic so the piece helps center me. It’s hung above my bed and the room is kept very minimalistic. Physically we are limited by how far we can go but in our dreams we can go anywhere however far away. 🙂 This is the aesthetic of the Gray Malin brand and the basis for all his images. His images are colorful and cheeky. It makes me happy and the images are clean at the same time. It’s almost like pages out of my life because that’s how I choose to live. 

Needless to say, I am a big fan of Gray and when contacted to be featured on the lifestyle spotlight section of his website, I was ecstatic!! Here’s the link to the write up of me, one of my proudest moments of 2016 i believe, even though the year has just kickstarted! 😉

These are some of the pieces from Gray I own, please head on to his website to look at the rest of his work, it will leave you in a daydream!


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We all sought after 

Far far away

i found a way to make it mine

to stay.