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I’m currently in my 38th week of pregnancy. The finish line is finally i plain sight. It’s been a long journey and yet it also seems like it was just yesterday I found out i was pregoppotamus. I am sharing my story in hope that anything I’ve learnt and experienced may benefit those of you who are prego. Being pregnant, I’ve come to find that women who’ve been pregnant share this bond of wanting to help each other out. Countless ladies, aunties, friends I meet all share with me their experiences or shed light on what they think might help. And although I don’t really follow through with all old wives’ tales, it made me feel a little warm and fuzzy inside knowing that strangers and friends alike can be this kind. 

I found out I was pregnant at 6 weeks and it’s no lie, it came to me as an utter shock. I was not prepared and it made me very depressed for a long time. I didn’t meet or talk to anyone about it until I had made my decision to keep the baby for I did not want anyone to tell me what I should do or affect my decision. The choice was mine and my partner’s alone. In the end, pretty evidently, we decided to keep her. A lot of people have asked if we were going to wed. That question never crossed our minds. To me, bringing little Ara bear into the world is a celebration of life. She is a product of love, that i know for a darn fact. And even if my partner and I decide to part ways in future, I know we will both love her and maintain our responsibilities as parents. Thankfully, we live in an era where you do not get stoned for having a kid out of wedlock. Marriage to me is sacred. I do not take it lightly. When I got pregnant, my relationship although stable was still premature. Two people taking a vow to say they will stay together for always cannot be decided by getting knocked up. That isn’t healthy, to me at least. And remember, you may not agree with what you read, but this is my opinion. As you are entitled to your own. So there, I am not ashamed to say, I will be having a baby with the love of my life and one day maybe we will wed but not now. Even though Ara bear is still in my belly, we already feel like a family unit. And that’s what matters. Now, I just want to focus on being a first time parent and enjoy every moment of it.


Before I was pregnant, I was working out 5 – 6 times a week. I may not look it but I was quite healthy. I still ate a shit ton, so no flat belly for me but I felt the best I ever had in all my 3o years. I stayed active even after I got pregnant. I cut down on the extra vigorous activities but I kept to yoga once a week and working out with a trainer twice a week. It is pivotal that you keep active, it benefits you mentally, physically and baby too! At around 12 weeks, we took a trip to Maldives. I love the sea. I needed a break from the stresses I was going through at the time and it helped major! I snorkelled with sharks (I LOVE SHARKS), octopi, turtles etc and all the while talking to my baby in my head sharing with her all these visuals. It made me feel alive. At around 26 weeks, we went to Bali for a wedding and used it as an excuse for a babymoon too. I went trekking to see a major waterfall and took a dip in the fresh, cold water. That experience rejuvenated me in so many ways. It connected me back to mother nature and everything felt like it was in it’s right place. I was also lucky that my belly was relatively small, so it made my movements somewhat still agile. In my 6th – 7th month, I cut out yoga and gym training was cut down to once a week. At that time, I started swimming. Swimming, you will find, is highly beneficial. Being in water relieves your legs of added pressure. In fact, your whole body feels so much lighter and not so squished up. I have had difficulty breathing but in the water I felt amazing. I did 15 laps in my short lap pool. Do however many laps you feel comfortable with. From 8 months on, I stopped working out, I just got too lazy. Meh >< I can’t wait to get back to working out, seriously. Never over exert yourself though, everyone goes through pregnancy differently. If you choose to exercise, only do as much as your body is comfortable with. At 8 months, I started using the bath tub A LOT. Having moved into the house for close to 2 years, I’ve used the tub maybe 5 times. But because of how much being in the water soothed me, I starting having baths instead of showers almost everyday. I had the luxury of having a bath tub in my room and I’m way thankful. If you have access to a tub, I highly recommend it. Light a candle, throw in some honey bath melt from Bodyshop and some bath salts, stream a movie / TV show on the ipad and I am good to go.  I soaked for 1/2 hour to an hour on average. It helped relieve any aches and pains I had. 


I didn’t know much about what foods would be good for baby so I did my homework. I started cooking most weekdays at home because outside foods have a lot of MSG. Also, my partner works irregular hours, eating home made more sense. I ate a lot of greens namely broccoli and spinach. And a lot more meats (I’m not usually a fan of meat,) mostly grilled chicken or fish. I have a glass of homemade juice everyday, beetroot, green juice, carrot, ginger juice on rotation. What you ingest in the morning is pivotal, that’s when your body absorbs the most nutrients. The first few months, baby is mostly developing and maturing it’s organs so I just tried eating healthy. I also tried my best to cut out artificial sugar, I didn’t want to put on excess weight that would not be beneficial to baby anyway. From my 7th month on, I started eating more sweet stuff to help baby fatten up. Doc said she was a little small at 36 weeks. Since then, she been packing on the gramssssssah! I’m happy to say she was 2.9kg at 37 weeks, ready for the world. At 38 weeks, I’ve gained close to 13kilos, 4 of which was gained in the last 4 weeks. If you have a regular BMI, it is healthy to gain 11 – 15 kilos by the end of your term. And I’m happy to be where I am.


I just had my 30th birthday celebration with my closest friends and now just waiting on little belly Ara to decided when she’s fully baked and ready for the world and all it’s adventures. We can’t wait to meet her and I pray that she’s a little healthy burr. I’m thankful for everyone who helped and supported me through the last 9 months, this journey would not have been as smooth if I didn’t have them in my life. And of course, I’m thankful for my partner in crime, Andy. Without which, I most definitely would not have been able to come this far. He’s been so patient with me and my bouts of anger, supportive and just all round A star companion. He kisses me and then my belly every morning before he leaves for work. I can’t wait for the mornings he kisses little Ara before mama burr and then head out the door. xx


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I’ve never really had one favorite designer. I always believed that every season, each designer forms an opinion with their work and no one could possibly agree with someone every single time. That is until Alexander Wang came into my world. Each and every season, I drool over something. Something about his cuts and silhouettes, reinventing simple staples and pieces that transcend trends. He’s one designer I truly love so imagine my excitement when i saw his H&M campaign video on his website.


PS: A big shoutout to the girls at H&M Singapore for gifting me these amazing pieces. Abso L O V E!!!







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POO FARTED ON: October 21, 2014

I don’t usually write much in a blog post because I like to let the pictures do the talking. But today  I want to share the journey of my changing wardrobe options and debunk the idea that pregnant women have to look like a chunk-a-lumpy meatball.

When i first found out I was pregnant, I kinda freaked out. It was unexpected and I didn’t have the slightest clue what I’d do. But that’s another story for another time. Today’s focus is dressing the bump. I thought I’d have to give up dressing up with a growing belly. At my 12th week, I couldn’t even fit into most my bottoms already! I already have wide hips to begin with and it was just a tragedy! Not to mention, how much my boobs were growing, totally beyond my control. It took me awhile to get used to my ever changing body shape. And after a while, I took it upon myself as a challenge to put in effort to look my best throughout this 9 month period. I have always had weight fluctuation issues but I have never felt so rotund in my life. It took away a lot of my self esteem and confidence, I felt ugly and “fat” most days, so much so, I didn’t feel like leaving the house. Well, I guess that in part has to do with all the raging changes in hormones.

I used to be able to wear a simple t shirt and shorts and be out of the house in 10 mins after I’d woken up. I don’t have much of a beauty regime; I’m a lazy mofo. Since the pregnancy, the t shirt and short ensemble became a defo no go. Oddly, now in my 36th week of pregnancy, I have found that I much prefer the way i dress now than before. And I owe all that to my pregnancy. It has made me more woman and less girl, if that makes any sense.

Anyhow, let me begin on my dressing the bump tips and tricks. They really helped me feel better about myself and I hope they will for all you prego women reading this too. XX



I have always been a fan of the playsuit. And when I say always, I mean since I was a kid. I found these really useful during the full term of my pregnancy. They are playful yet concealed my huge hips and they were very comfy!










Since I got pregnant, I prefer hiding as much skin as possible. Less is definitely more especially with a growing tum tum! Layering with dresses made for a more preppy vibe. I shop for oversized cut dresses that would fit during and post pregnancy. I’m not very tall so I prefer dresses that cut off above the knee. This helps hide my hips but doesn’t make me look too short.

Sweater dresses are so easy to slip on and comfy! I paired them below with tights and booties so that my legs won’t look too stumpy.




I haven’t been wearing leggings for a really long time but during my pregnancy they were heaven sent! I find demin a little restrictive and uncomfortable when I sit down. I paired black leggings, a wife beater and thin jacket or cardigan and I was good to go! I wore a lot of jackets / cardigans throughout my pregnancy because my huge boobies were not very flattering for my new found silhouette. They made me look very rotund and I didn’t like drawing attention to them. I then realised I looked way more “dressed up” and all these jackets and cardigans that I’ve owned this whole time have been neglected for too long! Those images are not pictured below but they are in my previous posts, if you can be bothered to scroll back, go look!





These skirts came in handy and last throughout all stages of pregnancy. They look good with everything ranging from sweaters to over sized tops to wife beaters.




Forgive the penmanship, I’m not much of  a writer.





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